The Dreaded Chapter 13…………..

Thinking about leaving  chapter 13 out.  Not the text, just skip the number. It’s been my cross to bear for about two weeks now.

I wanted to give an update on how the overall writing journey has gone since I began this in March. I have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly my main scenes have come together. I find I get a lot done while sitting in traffic or lying awake at 3 a.m. The details of which, come pouring out of me when I finally get the chance to sit down at the computer. My outline keeps me in check but I’m not opposed making changes on the fly.

The most important lesson I’ve learned is when I sit down to write I no longer re-read the chapter or even the last two pages. I lose a lot of time going back and editing when I know it will all get the red pen at the end. It’s important to just keep pushing forward. I’ve learned to avoid the word “that” and “realized”.

Overall, I’m determined and looking forward to the end result. I have cheated on my book twice when new characters popped into my head and I spent some time developing their identity. Luckily, I wrote it down and put it away in the drawer for another day (or possibly another book).

Thanks for letting me ramble. Back to Chapter 13….ugh!


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2 comments on “The Dreaded Chapter 13…………..

  1. Keep going. I’m slugging along at Chapter 16 and I’ve been at it for over a week now. Like you I had to break the habit of re-reading and editing. Think about how much fun you’ll have slashing through those pages with the red pen when you’re done!

    • jjhannford says:

      I’m secretly scared to death of the red pen. I’m afraid I’ll be not only slashing words and grammar, but scenes, people, ideas and whole chapters!!!! This is quite a roller coaster ride this writing thing…..It’s a beautiful day here so me, my laptop and my chapter 13 are headed outdoors to hopefully make some headway. thanks for the post!

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