Reading, Writing and Arithmetic……..

Okay, so there is no math involved in this post.

Writing is consuming me.  I have moved forward through a small blockade set up to ruin my predetermined time frame of completing my first-draft manuscript.  This is good news (I think).  I experienced an epiphany last night on a new direction for book number two.  Of course, that would require I finish book number one.

Whenever I get stuck, I like to read someone else’s creation and forget my troubles for a while.   There are great blogs out there to keep me inspired and I would like to thank the die-hard bloggers who breathe inspiration back into my life every morning.



One comment on “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic……..

  1. Those pesky epiphanies! I seem to get them, too, on novels for the future. Still, it forces you to get this one completed so you can get to the next one.

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