This thing has grown legs…….

Characters, plots, twists, conflict, love, harmony and oh yeah, drama.

Never would I have believed that a simple love story could have become so complicated. Real life is tough enough, hoping it also comes with a “Happily Ever After.”

Maybe one day, my creepy crawly will be a beautiful butterfly.

Now that’s happily ever after!



Reading, Writing and Arithmetic……..

Okay, so there is no math involved in this post.

Writing is consuming me.  I have moved forward through a small blockade set up to ruin my predetermined time frame of completing my first-draft manuscript.  This is good news (I think).  I experienced an epiphany last night on a new direction for book number two.  Of course, that would require I finish book number one.

Whenever I get stuck, I like to read someone else’s creation and forget my troubles for a while.   There are great blogs out there to keep me inspired and I would like to thank the die-hard bloggers who breathe inspiration back into my life every morning.


A Writers Silence……….

Silence coming from my blog is actually progress being made on my novel.  I have been working through a very tough scene and I think it’s time to walk away from it for a few days.  Revision after revision after revision has left me back with my original words. I am looking for a way to just move forward without stalling on details that I know will get edited as part of the bigger picture.

I tried skipping to another scene that I have pretty well thought out in my head, thinking it would be easy to get it out and onto the paper.  No such luck.  Back I go, lost in the minutia.

Any suggestions on how to get past this?


A Romance Writers Perfect Fourth of July………

Wishing all of the aspiring writers out there a very happy Independence Day.  How will you celebrate the Red, White and Blue?!?!?!?!? (Click for more photos)