When Writing A Romance Novel Feels Like Cheating…….

I have spent the past couple of days reading many blogs and articles about the actual art of writing a sex scene.  Placing yourself in the bodies of your characters, you need emotion and all your senses to fuel the scene.  Although the scene is meant to be hot and fast, it takes forever to explain how a simple touch can ignite a physical reaction.

I’ve spent the morning with my characters whom up until this morning had not engaged in their first sexual encounter.  The deed is done.

I’m exhausted.



4 comments on “When Writing A Romance Novel Feels Like Cheating…….

  1. I developed a terrible habit of writing while I was at work. The problem: I’d get super turned on after writing a sex scene. Torture. Can’t say I didn’t take a secret trip to the bathroom for a little something.
    So guilty.

    • jjhannford says:

      Definitely no writing at work!! My torture was not the act itself but the struggle to put the whole scene that I had in my head into words. It’s easy to say “he caressed her breast” but to have her explain exactly how it makes her feel and what it means to her was PAINFUL. Right now, I hate them both! (but they’re happy!)

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