Romance Novels and Billionaires……….

What is it about romance novels that demand the main character be a bazillionaire?  Mind blowing sex and deep meaningful relationships don’t need expensive hotel rooms, penthouse apartments or even private islands to make them great.   Great sex is just as great in the backseat of a car and a beautiful sunset can be enjoyed together while stuck in commuter traffic.

Why do we fantasize about taking ourselves away from our reality?  Can’t we make our reality a fantasy?

So next time you’re stuck in a situation with only your own thoughts, think about how your fantasy man or woman would change your reality if he/she showed up at that exact moment.  I bet he /she would rock your commute!!!!



One comment on “Romance Novels and Billionaires……….

  1. This is one of the reasons I’m such a sucker for cowboys. All you need is a sunset and a hayloft.

    I also find it interesting that nine times out of ten, the billionaire is the male. I don’t think I’ve ever read about a billionaire woman before. Even the female jobs, though, are never run-of-the-mill. I’ve read books about women who are sheep farmers, reality TV directors, dog therapy trainers, festival planners, etc.

    Men are rich. Women have quirky, low-paying jobs.

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