Romance, Romance or Romance……

What do you consider Romance?  I have found that most people fit into three categories.  What is your genre?





or Romance…….



3 comments on “Romance, Romance or Romance……

  1. Ha! This really cracked me up. Since joining WordPress, I’ve discovered so many sub genres in romance that I never even knew existed. Space fantasy romance? Seriously? I guess that’s what’s so great about it!

    • jjhannford says:

      True!! I’m wondering how to write a novel that crosses genres. Perhaps a bleeding heart romantic heroine who delves into the world of bdsm. She finds a master dom who is actually a zombie and has worked his way up the corporate ladder to a captain in the zombie militia. Of course the zombies are engaged in a fierce battle with the werewolf bandits fighting for rights to market viagra.

      Just saying……..

      Think I’ll stick to planet earth.

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