The Reality Game………..

I am trying to keep “reality” out of this week and it’s not working so well.  I have taken a week off  to spend some quality time with mom at the lake.  The weather has been perfect and thus far we have enjoyed our time together.  A simple drive into town today and we ended up at the grave memorial “store” where mom picked out her headstone, design and lettering.  We all know this is a part of life and the rational part of me understands her need to get her affairs in order.  The irrational part of me doesn’t understand why reality keeps creeping back in.

It’s hard to focus on a romance novel when I feel like we’re living our own drama series, but it’s also a temporary escape from the game that is reality.

I’m okay with that for now. I have said from the beginning that my family always finds the humor in everything and would you believe that we were even able to smile about it!



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