When Writing A Romance Novel Feels Like Cheating…….

I have spent the past couple of days reading many blogs and articles about the actual art of writing a sex scene.  Placing yourself in the bodies of your characters, you need emotion and all your senses to fuel the scene.  Although the scene is meant to be hot and fast, it takes forever to explain how a simple touch can ignite a physical reaction.

I’ve spent the morning with my characters whom up until this morning had not engaged in their first sexual encounter.  The deed is done.

I’m exhausted.



Romance Novels and Billionaires……….

What is it about romance novels that demand the main character be a bazillionaire?  Mind blowing sex and deep meaningful relationships don’t need expensive hotel rooms, penthouse apartments or even private islands to make them great.   Great sex is just as great in the backseat of a car and a beautiful sunset can be enjoyed together while stuck in commuter traffic.

Why do we fantasize about taking ourselves away from our reality?  Can’t we make our reality a fantasy?

So next time you’re stuck in a situation with only your own thoughts, think about how your fantasy man or woman would change your reality if he/she showed up at that exact moment.  I bet he /she would rock your commute!!!!


Writing Success…….

As much as I love a book with a happy ending, I love a real life story that has a happy ending.  Jasinda Wilder, author of the Big Girls Do It series and Falling into You is an example of how real life circumstances propelled her and her husband to self publish their own series of books.  Success is not a strong enough word to describe how well they have done.  I am reposting a link to the CBS episode about their story and hope you enjoy it.  More than anything, I hope you read their stories!



Finding Your Voice…………………

I was inspired this morning by Cristian Mihai’s blog in which he encouraged another worried new writer to forget about trying to be original and write to find your own voice.  So true!!!  As a new writer you can’t compare yourself to what’s out there until you know who you are.  What I have developed thus far from a simple scene or thought, makes me smile at the end of the day.  I am falling in love with my characters and sometimes that means going against what I believe personally in order to stay true to them.  Finding your voice is today’s mantra!!!!