Writing is like a baby………..

You stay up all night, as it consumes your every thought.  You change it over and over again.  You watch as it grows.

By morning, you forget the struggles of the night before and see it anew.

After a cup of coffee, you realize it wasn’t that bad but the day is still in front of you.

Rinse and repeat.



The Journey Begins………….

A new journey begins into the world of indie publishing!!!

After  years of focusing on being a wife, mother and professional, I thought now was a good time to start focusing on matters of the heart.  Writing has been one of those things I have enjoyed throughout the years but never sat down to put it all in one place.  What I’ve learned through reading and research on the internet is that this is the way most authors start out.  I am glad to finally be one of you!!!!

Why now?  Good question.  The answer stems from the fact that my mother was recently diagnosed with a terminal cancer.  Mom was a journalism major in college and had always wanted to write professionally.  Those around her have always known how clever she was when she would make up a story about the moon, a family of ducks or an umbrella all alone in the stand.  Regrets?  Maybe that she never took the time to follow her dream.  She couldn’t.  She was a wife, mother and professional!!!!

My first challenge into the blogging world has been whether or not I will post a picture of myself and I have decided not to.

There are certain things in this world that I expect……

I expect my pilots to be old men with gray hair and glasses (somehow this brings me comfort).

I expect my doctors to be overly friendly (bedside manner is everything).

And I expect my authors to be faceless (ruins the image I have created of them in my head).

I look forward to sharing this process with you and learning about the good, the bad and the ugly in the world of writing.  My book is about half way done and everyday feels like I need to start over.  All part of the process I assume.  What genre?  Romance of course!  After all, I did say it was a matter of the heart and I’ve learned that it might be a matter of many other body parts as well.

So how will I get through all of this? Humor of course!  I never take myself too serious and have enjoyed the brainstorming sessions with family and friends.   Look for the periodic late night texting out-takes which are often the result of fatigue and a glass of wine!